Yukiumi Kisaki
First kaichou
Name Yukiumi Kisaki
Kanji 希咲 雪海
Rōmanji Kisaki Yukiumi
Gender Female
Personal Status
Position President of Student Council
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Seitokai no Hidane

Yukimi Kisaki is the first Student Council President chosen by the current system 10 years ago.She is also the one who created the blue chip seat.


From her notebook,she can be seen as someone whose emotions fluctuates a lot.Her entries can go from her being a very cold person who ignores everyone to a very considerate person who made chocolates for everyone in return during White Day.When Ken and Chizuru first read her diary,they mistook her for a guy as she appears to be an otaku with an interest in shounen mangas .She is described to be very beautiful even though her eyes are those of a dead fish similar to Mafuyu. She won a landslide victory with 90% of the votes in the election which is to her own suprise.Yukiumi is also somewhat a tsundere towards Haruaki the only person who dares to talk to her back then.


She never appeared directly in the story and her story is only told from her notebook in the student council room.Yukiumi was the Vice President of the Student Council 11 years ago where she was force to join the election by Haruaki. Most of the notebook starts off describing the weather and ends with her saying that she wants to go to sleep.There are also entries which are one lines talking to the readers/notebook or about anime.Yukiumi had stated in her first few entries that she thinks the school is rotten and wants to change before writing entries with no energy such as 'I want to eat porridge'.She repeatedly states she hates the school and the student council.

Her other entries talks about the boy who keeps following her and how annoying she thinks he is,Later,the then Student Council President ,whom she dislike,propose to change the school systems.She added in the idea of having a blue chip seat without having any particular reason.However,it did helped when she was elected to be the President where she chose the last member from while removing the previous President whom she see as a bad person.