Yoshiki Nakameguro
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Name Yoshiki Nakameguro
Kanji 中目 黑善樹
Rōmanji Nakameguro Yoshiki
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gray
Personal Status
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 12
Seiyu (Japanese) Yamamoto Kazutomi

(English) Sam Riegel

Yoshiki Nakameguro is a supporting character in Seitokai no Ichizon. He plays a larger role in the side stories of the light novels.


Yoshiki appears to be a kind and gentle person.While being in Class 2-B,he becomes rather bold and often join in when the class is teasing Ken where he is no longer a spectator.  He aims to become someone stronger than him and announced it in front of Ken.Ken had stated before that in some aspect's Nakameguro is stronger than him.



He makes his first appearance in Episode 12 of the first season.Magiru-sensei brought him to see Ken due to her interest in Mafuyu's books. Later,Ken was forced to show him the way home with the rest of the gang behind them. There he and Ken had a long talk about being strong.

Light Novel

He first appeared in a story which his was asked to write by Mafuyu under the guise of 'Winter' about the day he met Ken.He noted about the shocked expression on both Ken and Minatsu's face when he first entered the class.Later, most of his story centres around being in the 2B class gang consisting of Ken,Minatsu,Mamoru and Meguru.

His past is revealed in detail by Tsubaki Yuutenji while she is recalling the events leading up to Yoshiki's transfer.Yoshiki and Tsubaki first met by a flower bed where the flowers had withered.Both of them work hard to revive it.Another classmate had a crush on Yoshiki was jealous of Tsubaki being close to Yoshiki.The classmate had confessed but was rejected.This bitter feelings cause her to spread rumor of Yoshiki and Tsubaki.This result in the people in the school to think think Yoshiki is bullying Tsubaki.The bullying worsen till Yoshiki got hurt and could no longer stand it anymore resulting in his transfer.

Later,Tsubaki went to visit Yoshiki as by conicidence her class trip takes place in Hokkaido.However,the rest of the class found out her intention and refuse to let her meet Yoshiki.When they all met,Yoshiki announced that he will return to his old school.