Touko Hinomori
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Name Touko Hinomori
Kanji 日守 東子
Rōmanji Hinomori Touko
Gender Female
Personal Status
Position Secretary
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume
Touko Hinomori is the Secretary of the new 33th Student Council.She came in 2nd in the popularity vote.She is said to be the most beautiful of all the student council however she has a bad personality.


Touko similar to Mafuyu is in fact a fujioshi.She is also very proud and confident despite barely ever getting out of her house.However she is just as,if not,worse than Kurimu's lack of knowledge such as not even knowing simple mathematics calculation and has a habit of using idioms without actually understanding what it means.


Touko was brought up by her late grandmother whom she inherited her silver hair from.Her beautiful long silver hair had always been her pride.She loves her grandmother and claims that the only person more beautiful looking than her is her grandmother.Her grandmother also often complimented Touko's hair.

But her good looks and especially her hair always attracts a lot of attention which she is fully aware of.Couples often quarrel in her presence because the guys will always stare at Touko.Touko also had a best friend whom also often compliment her hair.However her best friend brother fell in love with Touko and eventually he used Touko's best friend to get Touko to love him back.After the incident was found out her brother was kicked out of the house and Touko ended her friendship with her best friend.

When she entered Heikyou Academy,she decided to start wearing a wig and mask to attract less attention.No one saw her face until one day she suddenly took out her mask but it was later during the 32th Student Council's graduation day that she took off both her mask and wig.


Touko has been stated to not often even be in school.While Ringo was experimenting on routes to get home,she got lost and Touko who happened to be there guided her home.