Seitokai no Rikka
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Cover Character

Kurimu Sakurano

First Published

25 July 2009

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Seitokai no Gosai

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Seitokai no Nanahikari

Seitokai no Rikka is the sixth volume in the main light novel series.


  • Prolouge~The Day Before Graduation~
  • Chapter 1~The Student Council Cleaning Up~
  • Chapter 2~The Hot Blooded Student Council~
  • Chapter 3~The Voiceless Student Council~
  • Chapter 4~The Revolting of the Student Council~
  • Chapter 5~The Deductive Student Council~
  • Most Final Chapter~The Dreaming Student Council~
  • Extra~The Student Council's Excerpt~
  • Final Chapter~The Day Before Graduation~


  • 'The Voiceless Student Council' is the hardest chapter to write for the author.