Meguru Uchuu
Name Meguru Uchuu
Kanji 宇宙 巡
Rōmanji Uchuu Meguru
Gender Female
Personal Status
Relative(s) Mamoru Uchuu
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume
Anime Debut The Fragmented Student Council(voice)
Sugisaki's Memorial(first appearance)
Seiyu Ryōko Shintani

Meguru Uchuu is Ken's classmate since first year.Her stage name while working as an idol is Meguru Hoshino.She is the older sister of Mamoru Uchuu.Her stories revolves around her relationship with Ken in the side stories.


She is described as beautiful however due to her bad personality she bare got any votes in the election.As she hates to lose ,this angers her causing her to become an idol so that the people in school will also acknowledge her.She is horrible at singing and disliked by many other idols.However,when she is working,she works very hard as noted by Ken who was her manager for a single day.She often bullies her brother Mamoru,making him go out to buy dinner for her and do the housework.


Ken and meguru

Ken and Meguru during the school trip.

During her first year, she disliked Ken. However, one time when she acted as though she got mad and ran away from home (she was unhappy with her agency for tricking her fans to get money) during winter in her first year. Her family went out to search for her as well as Ken when he heard that she had gone missing. When her family had stopped looking, Ken continued despite being in his horrible state after studying, working, playing games, and looking for her before he collapse and found by Mafuyu. When Meguru returned to school and heard what Ken had done for her, she began fallin in love with him. Ken himself never told her that he had looked for her.

In second year which is where most of the story takes place, her brother, Ken, Minatsu, and she were in the same class 2B. Later the four added Nakameguro to their small gang. She sees Minatsu as a love rival for Ken, just as Mamoru sees Ken as a rival for Minatsu. However, neither Ken nor Minatsu were aware of the love triangle. Nakameguro often watches them with interest.


  • She and her brother are called the Space siblings(スペース姉弟 Supēsu Kyōdai) in their class as their last name Uchuu means Space much to their dislike.
  • Her name can literally means 'search for a universe'.
  • Meguru and Mamoru are not twins as Meguru is born at the near start of school year while Mamoru is born near the end of school year.