Mamoru Uchuu
Name Mamoru Uchuu
Kanji 宇宙 守
Gender Male
Personal Status
Relative(s) Meguru Uchuu
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume
Anime Debut Sugisaki's Memorial
Seiyu (Japanese) Yuta Sato

(English) Brian Beacock

Mamoru Uchuu is a supporting character in Seitokai no Ichizon.He plays an important role in the side stories of the light novels.He is the younger brother of Meguru Uchuu and has a very weird kind of superpower which were described as his classmates as something that is neither strong nor weak but in between.His stories is focused on his feeling for Minatsu.


Mamoru is somewhat the joke of his class,He is often bullied by both Ken and Meguru.He is kind and rather unselfish being willing to do nearly everything for his sister even though it is mostly out of fear.One of the stories have him trying to help a lost girl while buying food for her sister where he was bullied by Ken who was working in the convinence store.


His superpower includes seeing a rubbish in the middle of the street in italy but also being able to find out a lost girl favourite TV anime is Pretty Cure.He is part of the Class 2B gang consisting of himself,Meguru,Ken,Minatsu and Nakameguro.Mafuyu and Touko had shipped both him and Ken together.Minatsu had also once mistaken that he had a crush on Ken but in actual fact he had a cush on Minatsu.

Near the end of the story he manages to resolve the misunderstanding between he and Ken and confessed to Minatsu.However,he was bluntly rejected by Minatsu who by that time had noticed her feelings for Ken.


  • He and his sister Meguru are called Space Siblings (スペース姉弟 Supēsu Kyōdai) by their classmates