Hokuto Kagami
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Name Hokuto Kagami
Kanji 火神 北斗
Rōmanji Kagami Hokuto
Gender Female
Personal Status
Relative(s) Nanami(mother)
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume
Anime Debut Episode 0
Houkuto Kagami is the treasurer for the new 33th Student Council.She is a first year.Houkuto came in sixth in the popularity vote but was allowed to enter due to the fourth and fifth place forfeiting their chance.


Outgoing,energetic and cheerful.She is also very sociable girl in her class. But in actual fact this are just her masks to hide her true personality.However she is very gentle that she is willingly to sacrifice for her mother sake. Hokuto uses 'Kagami' as a pronoun to call herself.

After she falls in love with Ken she instead becomes a yandere threatening to kill anyone who tries to get close to Ken.


Hokuto grew up with her mother,Nanami.Her father rarely came home however he treated her really well so Hokuto did not mind her father long absence.However one day she saw her father with an unknown women acting really close when a kid suddenly called him father.That was when Hokuto realise that her mother was in actual fact one of her father's mistress.