A list of minor characters from previous Student Council


Rin Himetsubakiri

The President of the 31st Student Council.She did her duty as the President normally and is stricter than Kurimu.

Sayoko Momotsuki

The Secretary of the 31st Student Council.

Reiichi Amamiya

The President of the Student Council 11 years ago.He is the person who suggested to create the current system where the members are chosen by popularity votes.Reiichi came in fifth in the popularity vote but Yukiumi sees him as 'evil' and chose Haruaki over him.

Haruaki Ueno

The Vice President of the Student Council 10 years ago.The first person who joined the Student Council via the blue chip seat.He is described as cheerful and outgoing as well as rather good looking according to Yukiumi.Haruaki was the first person who was courageous enough to approach Yukiumi and has a crush on her.He is descibed Ken to have an extremely energetic look.