Elise Toudou
Name Elise Toudou
Kanji 藤堂 爱丽丝
Rōmanji Toudou Elise
Gender Female
Hair Color Gold
Personal Status
Relative(s) Lilicia Toudou (sister)
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Seitokai no Gosai
Anime Debut Episode 8
Seiyu Shimizu Ai

Elise Toudou is the younger sister of Lilicia Toudou. Despite her age she knows rather disturbing topics for people.She has a crush on Ken.


Elise first appears as an innocent child.However,soon she let's out her knowledge where many are not appropriate for her age.Since she seemingly believes anything her sister says,those knowledge are probably from Lilicia.Elise also does not actually fully understands what she is saying.However,she can be rather stubborn and has the same amount of talent for journalism as her sister.Elise has a habit of sitting on Ken's lap which she enjoys but causes envy among the other Student Council members.


Elise was sent to the Student Council under her sister Lilicia's request for a scoop.Elise was soon found by Ken who was heading towards the Student Council room.In the Student Council room,Elise played games with Ken with many misleading words from Elise.This leads to the other members becoming increasingly jealous of Elise and begins to call Ken a lolicon .Kurimu was the first who could no longer stand the two and tells Elise to leave to which Elise stubbornly refuses.There, Kurimu had a showdown with Elise on who is more like an adult.Elise also made Ken promise to get married with her when he grows older.

In the end it was shown that Elise had the whole conversation in the Student Council room recorded, displaying her talent as a journalist.Later,Elise makes a few number of cameos with minor roles such as knowing her sister's feelings for Ken.