Asuka Matsubara
Name Asuka Matsubara
Kanji 松原 飛鳥
Rōmanji Matsubara Asuka
Gender Female
Personal Status
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Lv.2-Episode 8
Seiyu Koshimizu Ami

Asuka Matsubara is Ken Sugisaki 's childhood friend and ex-girlfriend.When Ken started dating her, Ringo was unable to accept it and hurt herself.After the incident, Ken and Asuka broke up and remained as friends.


To Ken, Asuka is an evil being who enjoys tormenting him.But to Ringo,she is a sweet elder sister.She is good at cooking and often cooks for the Sugisaki's siblings resulting in both of them being not able to cook.