Anzu Tsuyuri
Name Anzu Tsuyuri
Kanji 栗花落 杏子
Rōmanji Tsuyuri Anzu
Gender Female
Personal Status
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Seitokai no Kokonoe
Anime Debut None
Anzu Tsuyuri is a supporting character in Seitokai no Ichizon.She was Kurimu Sakurano 's only friend in middle school.


During the days when she was hospitalised, Anzu is a gentle and kind girl.She deeply care for her friend Kurimu and is often worried about what will happen to Kurimu if things goes wrong for her.Anzu stated that many sees her as mature and smart.

After the operation, her personality took a complete turn that Kurimu is unable to accept. She become rather wild and is often quite high.Anzu even dyed her hair red.However,she stills has her gentle side.


Before OperationEdit

Anzu's story was told from the letter she gave to Kurimu before she goes through a big operation where there is a high chance that it will fail.Kurimu later hand Ken the letter for it to be published.Anzu first met Kurimu at the hospital she was in where Kurimu had to deliver things from school for her.She had no idea that Kurimu was in her class since Kurimu back then was rather quiet and Anzu is often absent from school.Anzu had a hard time trying to start a conversation with Kurimu but through it she found her cute and interesting.Later they became friends as Kurimu begins to visit her and open up to her.She gives Kurimu the nickname Ku-chan (くーちゃん).Anzu promised herself to run around the place if she ever recovers.Her conditions grew worries and she begins to worry about Kurimu having no friends.Therefore before she goes for the operation she wrote a later to tell Kurimu to make many friends.

After Miraculously Successful OperationEdit

The operation turned out to be miraculously successful and Anzu had a full recovery.She quits school and created the Safe Riding Guren Team Bōsōzoku  under her promise to herself to run around once she recovers. Seeing this, Kurimu had quite a shock and was unable to accept her best friend's change.Therefore she begins to see the Anzu she knows and love as dead and that the operation is a failure.Kurimu is actually just often annoyed by the current Anzu but she still trusts Anzu.

Meeting KenEdit

In the light novel,Ken was nearly unable to return for the graduation day in time after being dragged to the inn by Asuka.Luckily,the 'Enterprise' member,Kyouichiro Kareno  tried to send him back to school by helicopter.However,the helicopter had to land due to the farming fields.There Anzu came by her bike after Kurimu's call to bring Ken back in time for the graduation day.She is last seen in the wrap up party where she picked a fight with Lilicia Toudou .